• spices
    Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon,
    Cayenne, Black Pepper
    and Cardamom
  • spices
    Chamomile, Fennel, Rosemary,
    Juniper, Parsley, Nutmeg
    and Oregano
  • spices
    Raisins that naturally fermented to make alcohol

Our Mission

Inspire and implement natural solutions to keep people happy using a spoonful of ethically sourced spices and botanicals without causing harm to the environment.

Spoonful Botanical Story

Spoonful Botanical stemmed from travelling across Asia by Conor & Jayne. Here we saw how the locals used fresh herbs and spices in their diets everyday. We Brought home the ingredients for Nanny.

The large spice markets were intriguing however it was the traditional spice markets that were a real eye opener and a reminder that good food can lead to a longer healthier life. This was where Spoonful Botanical first started, we were prepared to try anything and the bio available ingredients in Spoonful Botanical have no side effects so we were prepared to give it a go. We decided to bring home the spices and prepare them in the same way we had seen. The product was fantastic and it began to escalate from there. We had 100 people taking the product on a repeat basis before Enterprise Ireland and Bord Bia came on board and backed the product as an up and coming food product.

We understand the importance of fresh herbs and spices sourced directly from India and across Asia so thats exactly what we do.
Its just so exciting when you find an idea that people love all over the world. We started out with a food that we produce in our Kitchen in Co.Louth for Nanny, to get the opportunity to touch so many great customers along the way has been the real driving force. It is this passion and commitment that brought to us to where we are today.
By only accepting the highest the finest standard ingredients and gaining a deep understanding of our process.
Our product is unique because of the native cultural wisdom that it encapsulates. Our methods, originate in India more than 3,000 years ago.
The maceration, dehydration and fermentation is what makes Spoonful Botanical so unique and that is what separates us from the rest.

Travelling encouraged us to uncover and experience all that is new, and re-evaluate what is already known. Spoonful’s recipe is based on Indian folk knowledge that combines 14 herbs and spices along with fermented fruits.

Our Clients Say

“Spoonful Botanical is so easy to take. Just one spoonful a day that helped me prepare for my cycle from Malin Head to Mizen Head 600km. Any product that is easy to take and keeps me out and about on my bike is worth the investment.”

Alan Dawe