• spices
    Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon,
    Cayenne, Black Pepper
    and Cardamom
  • spices
    Chamomile, Fennel, Rosemary,
    Juniper, Parsley, Nutmeg
    and Oregano
  • spices
    Raisins that naturally fermented to make alcohol

Our Mission

Inspire and implement natural solutions to keep people happy using a spoonful of ethically sourced spices and botanicals without causing harm to the environment.

Spoonful Botanical Story

Spoonful Botanical

Spoonful Botanical, is an all-natural health product from a Louth-based business providing support for joint health.

The company was set up just over three years ago and has continued to thrive through some of the country’s most challenging times. Coronavirus and rising cost of inflation aside, the biggest challenge facing Spoonful Botanical was explaining why the product was providing joint support for so many people across the country.

The couple behind the product are Louth senior footballer Conor Grimes and model Jayne Gavin. Conor explains “We knew from testimonials and people getting in touch with us that thousands of people across Ireland and Europe were enjoying the health benefits of Spoonful Botanical. However, as a small health food business We leave it to our customers to do our promotion and spread their experiences through word of mouth.

“Thankfully over the last couple of years we have been working with scientific laboratories such as Fitz scientific and Als global (Australian Laboratory Service) to test and run scientific studies on the product and we have discovered the magic in Spoonful Botanical. The natural ingredients and high vitamin C content allows us make health claims. This is a major turning point in our journey.”

From Struggles to Success

From Bloom to the National Ploughing Championships and highly sought-after accolades such as the retailer product award the finalists at the National Enterprise Awards, the chances are you may have been one of the people who have already been introduced to Spoonful Botanical, an innovative health product which is homemade in Co Louth.

“Our product is an innovative blend of the highest quality traditional herbs, spices and fermented fruits, including turmeric, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon and cayenne, to name but a few. Our blend of ingredients helps people who need joint support,” says Jayne. “What makes Spoonful Botanical unique is that we use the whole root of all our spices – we dehydrate and grind the root back to a powder form. That way we can guarantee the quality of each of our ingredients.”

The innovation doesn’t stop there, however, as the pair further developed their product and included a fermentation process that increases the availability and enhances the benefits of the ingredients in one simple step. “The fermentation is a fundamental aspect to our product. We combine all 14 root herbs and spices with our golden jumbo raisins and leave them to ferment for 21 days. Good bacteria grow during the fermentation process, and this is one of the reasons the product is a truly unique formulation. Spoonful is such a simple way to incorporate all the different ingredients that are essential to normal collagen formation, bone and cartilage health, which are the essential steps to provide joint support You take one heaped tea-spoon of the product every day, straight from the jar, in porridge, natural yoghurt, or however you feel like having it. “People get creative with how to take their spoonful,” says Jayne.

Asian Inspiration

The idea stemmed from the couple’s travels in Asia, where Conor and Jayne saw first-hand how the locals used the highest-grade herbs and spices in their purest form. Conor explains: “My grandmother was getting older at the time when we were travelling. We decided to bring back the ingredients, prepare and ferment the spices in the same way we had seen. Spoonful Botanical was contributing to her bone and cartilage health as expected. Through word of mouth we had over 1000 people taking the product on a repeat basis.”

Building a Brand

At this point, Enterprise Ireland, Bord Bia and the Local Enterprise office came on board and backed the duo’s up and coming food product. Conor and Jayne featured on RTÉ Nationwide and nothing could have prepared them for the surge in demand and the volume of repeat customers since.

“We scaled our production facility in Tullyallen, developed our e-commerce presence and grew our team. We are now stocked in over 350 health food stores and pharmacies, which is a huge growth area for us. We retail direct to consumers all over Europe via our website. Our plans are to expand on the UK market, developing distribution and growing market share.

Dealing direct with our customers and hearing the stories of how our product has made a positive contribution to people’s lives, from people who need joint support to sports players, is what makes it all worthwhile.” Conor explains

Exciting Journey

It’s been an exciting journey for the couple who started out looking to help a grandmother to get to a point where they quickly became experts in their process, only accepting the finest standard ingredients and gaining a deep understanding of their process. “It’s the careful granulation, dehydration and fermentation that makes this product hugely beneficial and makes it stand out from other products,” concludes Conor.

Our Clients Say

“Spoonful Botanical is so easy to take. Just one spoonful a day that helped me prepare for my cycle from Malin Head to Mizen Head 600km. Any product that is easy to take and keeps me out and about on my bike is worth the investment.”

Alan Dawe